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The application period for the 2014 Summer Fellowship has ended.

frequently asked questions

What is the objective of the Hertog Political Studies Program?

The Hertog Political Studies Program aims to educate and prepare a new generation of intellectual and political leaders by bringing a select group of students together with some of the nation's great scholars and political leaders.

Who may apply?

Any college or university undergraduate, or very recent graduate not already pursuing an advanced degree, may apply to the HPSP Summer Fellowship.


Any recent college or university graduate, or graduate student, may apply to the Young Professionals Program.


Who can nominate students for the HPSP Summer Fellowship?

We weclome nominations for the HPSP Summer Fellowship.  Any college or university faculty member may nominate a student, as may alumni of the program.  In addition, interested students may apply directly, without a nomination.


How will students be chosen to participate?

For all programs, the administration and staff of the Hertog Program will review all applications and make final selections. Evaluations will be based on each student's faculty nomination or recommendation, personal statement, résumé, and required writing sample.

How many students will be chosen?

Approximately 45 students will be chosen for the HPSP Summer Fellowship.


Approximately 18 students will participate in each Young Professionals Program.

What does each program involve, exactly?

The Summer Fellowship has three parts. First, the careful study, with master teachers, of seminal texts of political and social thought. These include the works of Aristotle, Plato, Machiavelli, the Founders, Lincoln, and Tocqueville. Second, the program will devote two weeks to the serious analysis of major public policy questions, guided by outstanding policy analysts. And third, a series of conversations with distinguished speakers, who address present-day politics and public policy.


The Young Professionals Program offers five-part seminars that meet daily for three hours for one week or once weekly for three hours over five weeks. Led by an expert scholar, students examine a topic in public policy or political theory.  Attention is paid to theoretical roots in policy seminars and to policy implications in theoretical seminars.  


Who are the program's faculty and speakers?

Our faculty and speakers fully reflect the unusual scope and depth of our coursework and activities. Each is an accomplished, leading figure in academia, politics, journalism, or business, and together they represent a wide variety of ideological, political, and social views. (A list of confirmed speakers is available here.)

What kind of work is expected from the participating students?

HPSP students are expected to attend and participate in all scheduled seminars and events. Students are also expected to complete all assigned readings and essays.  


How much does the program cost?

For the HPSP Summer Fellowship, accepted students attend all sessions and activities--and are provided dormitory accommodations--free of charge. Certain common meals and activities are also provided by the program. Each student will receive a stipend of $3,000 to cover ancillary expenses (or to help offset travel costs where applicable).


For the Young Professionals Program, all sessions are free of charge, with all materials provided.  Sessions include a light meal.  


Who is paying for all this?

All program costs are supported through generous donations from the Hertog Foundation.


Will students receive college-level course credit from the HPSP?

The Hertog Political Studies Program is an independent project not affiliated with any college or university, and thus does not grant course credit on its own. Most colleges and universities make decisions about recognizing course credit for off-campus academic work such as the HPSP Summer Fellowship on a case-by-case basis. Students interested in the possibility of receiving course credit for the Hertog Program should consult with appropriate officials at their home institutions.


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